How is the journey from Rome to Ravello

If you wish to be at the most beautiful destinations in Italy, you cannot avoid being in Rome and Ravello. The journey that you will have while travelling between these two places can be magical not only if you have a private transfer from Rome to Ravello, but also if you travel by train, bus, drive a car or use other public modes of transportation. Today we at Naples Limousine Services will discuss how you can make the journey between Rome and Ravello to be a memorable adventure. 

Journey by train 

If you desire to have a comfortable and scenic journey between Rome and Ravello, then you can opt to travel by train. You need to book a ticket to Salerno and from there ride a taxi or a bus to reach Ravello. You will be travelling through picturesque landscapes, enjoying the view of rolling hills, and beautiful coastline, and enjoying the comfort of a luxurious train ride. It will be a relaxing journey while you can enjoy the magnificent outside views.

Car service from Rome to Naples
Car service from Rome to Naples

Driving a car

Driving a car is in some aspects like a private transfer; however, in this case, you will have to drive and not a chauffeur. However, if you desire to explore the countryside and stop at various destinations driving a car can be an ideal option. During this drive you will be passing through beautiful Italian towns and scenic landscapes, making it a wonderful experience. It will be possible for you to stop at roadside cafes, have a dip in the sea or if you desire visit historical sites that fall along the way. 

Travel by bus

It may be that you desire to have a budget-friendly way to travel from Rome to Ravello. In such cases, it is ideal to travel by bus. It is an admirable way to see the countryside and the little Italian towns that the bus passes. The bus ride can be a bit bumpy. However, it will give you the option to travel along the lesser travelled roads of Italy.

Have a private transfer

If you desire to have a luxurious, comfortable and safe journey, you cannot miss having a private transfer from Rome to Ravello from us. We will make sure that you will be travelling in a luxurious, and well-maintained limo driven by a trained, professional and courteous chauffeur. Having such a journey, you can avoid the stress of driving or the discomfort of travelling on a means of public transport. It will be possible for you to sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful view of the scenic landscape, while the driver takes the responsibility of driving. 

Private Transportations Naples to Rome

Transfer by boat

If you desire to have a memorable journey from Rome to Ravello, it would be wise to travel by boat from Rome to Salerno and then hire a taxi or ride a bus to Ravello. The journey will make it possible to travel through the stunning Amalfi Coast allowing you to notice the rocky cliffs and attractive beaches from the sea.

So, decide which way you desire to travel. If you desire to have a private transfer, do call us at Naples Limousine Services.