How to get from Rome to Positano or the Amalfi coast.

Are you looking to know and understand how to get from Rome to the Amalfi coast or better to Positano? If you are visiting this page then you are in the right place, here you will find a series of information that could be for you! Read these few lines carefully and you will find details on how to reach Positano from Rome and decide which way is most suitable for you.

The perpendicular town and the colors of Positano are absolutely worth a visit, so if you are about to go off the road to reach Positano and are looking for a transfer service from Rome to Positano, read this article and you will find the best way. Reaching the Amalfi coast can be quite complicated from both Rome and Naples so it may be necessary to opt for numerous types of transport.

Although Positano is only 3 hours from Rome if you decide to opt for public transport it can take more than four hours.

So below you will find a perfect list of different ways to be able to get to Positano from Rome as easily as possible.

From Rome to Positano by public bus

Buses are a great transportation option if you are looking for a cheaper option to get to your destination than choosing trains or private chauffeured. There are also direct buses to Positano, they leave from Roma Tiburtina train station once a day at 7:30 am. You can be sure to enjoy the panoramic view of the coast through the huge windows if you choose this bus service, because flixbus buses are quite affordable and you will enjoy comfortable seats, air conditioning and general comfort. Near Naples, the bus stops for 15 minutes, so this means you can get some rest, drink water, coffee, stretch your legs and get ready for the final part of your journey. Generally it will take five hours to reach Positano but in summer it will take an extra hour due to traffic. Also, keep in mind that buses always fill up fast, so try to book a ticket in advance to make sure you have your seat. You can book your ticket on the official flixbus website

From Rome to Positano by fastest trains

To go from Rome to Positano by train it is necessary to change mode of transport several times because there are no direct trains From Rome to Positano. First of all to catch a train to Naples you can choose 2 different stations like roma Termini or roma Tiburtina central station and take a train to Naples Central Station. After a journey of about an hour and a half, once you arrive in Naples you have to take the local train called Circumvesuviana for the final destination that will be Sorrento. Reservations are not required for this train. Also, keep in mind that tickets are quite affordable as there is no air conditioning and little space to store luggage. However, no seat is guaranteed, but if you have the possibility to choose your seat, choose the right side of the bus to enjoy the beautiful breathtaking landscapes that only the Amalfi coast can give you. For to reach your final destinations from Sorrento, just outside the sorrento station you can get the SITA bus to Positano the ride will take more or less 50 minutes.

From Rome to Positano by limousine chaffeur service.

Renting a private transfer is definitely the perfect choice. Of course it will not be economically convenient but if your budget is high this choice is among the smartest and safest choices if it is the first time you come to Italy.

One of our drivers will welcome you upon your arrival at the airport in the arrivals area or if you are at the hotel, he will be at the set time in the hotel hall to pick you up and take you to your destination. The drivers of Naples limousine service are all excellent and professional, from them you will receive attention to every detail and along the way they will be able to give you valuable information on how to best move around the amalfitana coast and especially around your final destination. Along the way you can also choose to stop in Pompeii for a visit to the famous archaeological park or stop on the way for an excellent pizza in Naples. If this is one of your favorite choices on  a car service from positano to Rome, contact us immediately and we will be happy to offer you dedicated assistance with quick and comprehensive answers.